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Welcome to Vae Aeternum!

    Hello guild members and guild applicants. This guild is currently awaiting the release of Elder Scrolls Online.  The majority of this guild will be transferring, and therefore upon release this website will be reworked to fit it.  This guild will be joining the Aldmeri Dominion. Good hunting to all, and see you in Tamriel!
Guild News


Azshanaa, Mar 26, 14 9:11 PM.
ESO Release in 5 days!! (for those with early access) Be excited!!

ESO Coming Soon!

Azshanaa, Feb 22, 14 11:48 AM.
ESO Comes out April 4th! Just around the corner.  Be quick to preorder so you can get those five days of extra gameplay and do it in march ;)

Aldmeri Dominion

Azshanaa, Jan 15, 14 2:36 PM.
Debates were hosted, arguments were had, and votes were casted.  Vae Aeternum will be joining the Aldmeri Dominion upon release. Hope to see you all there!


Elder Scrolls Online Update

Azshanaa, Jan 8, 14 3:46 PM.
Hello everyone! News has come out, stats have been posted, and betas have been played.  The official game comes out on April 4th! We have come up with a debate between joining the Aldmeri Dominion and the Daggerfall Covenant.  Main reasons include: Ebonheart has too many people, Aldmeri has Superior casters along with high damage from Khajit, but weak tanks.  Daggerfall has powerful melee and tanks, but weaker casters.  We will have decided by the release date.

Happy Hunting,

Elder Scrolls Online: Beta

Azshanaa, Sep 16, 13 10:41 PM.
Hey everyone! Guess what! I got to play the Beta >:) unfortunately all I am allowed to say is that it was awesome and I'm stoked for it to come out.  Hopefully others will get a chance to play it.

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